Monday, January 28, 2008

Thinking deep thoughts

I really enjoy reading different blogs. There are so many different agendas and all of them fascinate me. The atheist, the Muslim, the homemaker, the mom posting photos of the kids, the political blogs, the photo blogs. All of them provide a rich fabric of people's lives and opinions. I have really enjoyed getting to know people from all over the world through these blogs. It's a great experience to interact with people thousands of miles away that you may never meet.
The blogs that are most fascinating to me are the Christian theology blogs....all different views from every perspective of the Christian theological mind all "defending the fort." Some are very insightful, helpful in clarifying world views, others are contentious and looking for a theological "cat fight." These are fun to read as well, but to be honest very frustrating. It often seems to me that we have groomed a new generation of Pharisees who are really good at "straining the gnat." The finer points of theology, which make little difference to eternity, become major issues of debate.
Don't we have a lost world to win? Are these issues so important that we would fight with other Christians over them? Are your finer points of theology so important that you would hurt a brother in Christ over them? What would Jesus say to us if he were to read these blogs and respond to them? Wouldn't that be great? Is this new generation of Pharisees so sure of their "gnat straining" techniques that they would rather fight than walk in love?
I know the answer I would get from them, "truth is worth fighting for!" And I would agree, but is what you are willing to fight over really truth or just your opinion? I think I will avoid the "gnat strainers" from now on. I have far too much to do in my own life to waste precious minutes reading about the fine art of gnat straining.
Thanks for letting me vent....I feel better now.


Kris Sorensen said...


Excellent post! What is amazing is that so many of these "pharisees" can remain anonymous on many blogs/sites and not even have the guts to put their own name to their rants.

Whether anonymously attacking others or attaching your name to it I think it is a waste of time to attack others. Intelligent discussion is one thing - attacking others over non-essentials is foolish. Thanks for posting this.

vincit omnia veritas said...


I have to agree with you ... some get PhDs just to fight the "cat fight" ;)

That is why I am going to major in apologetics and evangelism in my future studies.

God bless your work for the Gospel of Salvation.

In Christ,

Mike Messerli said...

Thank you both for your words. I admire both of you for your witness and faith, and am honored by your words.

Vincent, I'm thrilled to hear about your direction. I will be praying for you.

a jar of clay said...

I, too, feel better because you expressed this issue and the ramifications so well! THANKS!

Max said...

I've been looking into this blog for some time and have enjoyed a "Texas View" of the world through the eyes of a believer.

"Gnat Strainers" are forgetting what is to come, when they are face to floor with the ultimate Pharisee debator, Jesus Himself.

Let them spend their time picking at little things, post a link to a blog with an opposing view and see what happens. If they occupy themselves in this way, they will stay out of ours as we try to walk and talk and learn from the Lord directly.

Have a good day.

BtB said...

Farmer Mike,

Turn the vent-a-hood on asap, before the fire alarms go off. Wasn’t it Peter who was the Pharisee and then wasn’t it Paul that admonished him in Galatians 2? I could be completely off here and if I need to be corrected-so be it. I don’t think it would be a waste, but rather a significant teaching opportunity for you to help fill the void with truth, rather than avoid.

In His Grip,

Mike Messerli said...


thanks for the great comments. You got a smile out of me. The frustration I have with the Pharisee's of our day is their pompous, self-righteous attitude....I'll continue to reach out to them, but am often frustrated by their responses. thanks for the great thoughts.

BtB said...

I know about that frustration tree and no fruit comes from that tree. I applaud you for continuing to plant and nourish the tree of His love.

Cheri said...

One of my concerns is that truth becomes an idol. If we disconnect the value of truth from the Trinity and relationship with God we seem to worship the idea.

Or we worship ourselves for being right.

Am I on the right track here?

If we worship an idea rather than the Creator we can miss the opportunity to introduce others to relationship with the Creator of truth?

Mike Messerli said...


yes, you are thinking rightly on this. we are master idol makers, and can even make an idol of the very truth that tells us about the only true God. great insights.