Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The mundane

A lot of life is very simple, and sometimes rather mundane. There are the simple things that must be done...sleep, eat, work, rest, and breathe.....they are simple because we don't even think of them, but we must do them. Then there is the mundane....the tasks which must be done, but are hard because of the tedious, boring nature of the task. It is often a simple thing, needed, tiring, maybe boring, but important. And yet, while I'm doing those simple needed tiring boring things life happens. One day fades into another and soon we find that we have lived our years and missed the best part of life....simply doing it all with God involved in every moment. I talk to many elderly in my work, and many who are nearing the end of their lives. They think that because they didn't do anything significant their lives were wasted....and yet.....significance isn't measured here and now. It's measured by God, and it looks completely different than you think it does. It's doing the simple mundane things of life in fellowship with God himself. In those simple moments light comes to dark days, life comes to dead hours, eternity invades short lives.....the mundane suddenly becomes something more than you ever dreamed.


mutating missionary said...

I'm reading a book right now: Wisdom Distilled from the Daily.
It is an interesting look into the 'Rule of Benedict'

looking forward to Grant and Amanda coming in 10 days!!!!!

mcfly3 said...

Mike, I love this one. A post for this generation of ours, commanded as we've been to 'achieve, plan meticulously, be great, be out loud, lead, tally up your score, create a book of works,' etc.