Thursday, January 17, 2008

Sober thoughts

I just got back from a meeting with the police department for our city. I work with the police department here as a chaplain. Tonight we were discussing process and procedure for dealing with situations where our services will be needed- family notifications of death, talking people out of and who, and a number of other situations. It was a very sobering meeting. Sitting there I thought, "This is sure a sad world we live in. It's so broken." Dealing with the results of sin and sorrow is a serious business and often brings dangers of its own. I am so looking forward to seeing how this world will be when sin and its influence is removed. What will it look like? What will surprise us? I have thought about this several times in this blog simply because I have to deal with it so often, so maybe I'm more acutely focused on the world as it is and thinking about the way it was really meant to be. Let me just say I can't wait for "that day" will be amazing!

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lu said...

I did not realize you work with the police department on these matters. Interesting how life goes on around us and we often never think about the details behind situations. Thanks for serving Christ in serving your fellow man in the community. What an amazing gift.