Sunday, January 20, 2008

Reality check

I stopped by a web site that shows the news and details of life on the day you were born. I entered my birth date, and was rudely shocked to see this message:

"Our records don't go back that far."

Not really, but when you see the detail you will think that might have been true. It made me aware of how quickly things change, and how quickly we forget. Solomon was right, "one generation comes and goes, the next one doesn't remember what went before."

Here's some information about the day I was born-


Harry S. Truman

Vice President:

Alben W. Barkley (I had never heard of him before this search...shame on me.)

Avg Income:
Min Wage:
DOW Avg:
On TV:
Time for Beany
Truth or Consequences
The Alan Young Show
The Ed Sullivan Show
The Burns and Allen Show

If you are ready for your "reality check" you can find it here:

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satire and theology said...

An interesting study, Mike. I checked out the year I was born as well. Time changes things and it is good to ponder on what these changes mean.