Saturday, January 05, 2008

Someone should do something

A few years ago one of our men, Ron, drove by our church and noticed that someone had run over a skunk right in front of the church driveway. He thought, "someone should do something about that." And off he drove not thinking another thing about it.

The next day, as Ron drove by the church once more, there was the skunk still lying right in front of the church driveway. He told me later that once again he thought, "I wish someone would do something about that skunk," but he knew it wasn't him so off he drove without another thought.

He said that this skunk in the driveway of the church really bothered him, and he was upset that no one had moved it....Sunday was coming and it would really "cause a stink" for those coming to church.

Saturday night he went to bed as usual, but at about 2 AM Sunday morning he was startled awake by a voice that said to him, "YOU move the skunk." He told me later he had always wanted to hear from the Lord, but he never expected this to be the message. But in obedience he got up, dressed, got his shovel and went to the church and moved the skunk at 2 AM Sunday morning.

We all see things in our world that should be done by someone. "Someone should do something about that," we say and off we go to live our lives, but the truth of it is that if you noticed what needs to be done you are the one to do it. A servant doesn't wait for that "someone" to come along, they simply "take care of the skunk." This little story is a true one. Ron tells the story so much better than I do, so on behalf of Ron let me encourage you to be that someone so the Lord doesn't have to wake you up at 2 AM on a Sunday morning.


Anonymous said...

Cute story, and good message. Although, it was probably just Ron's subconscious telling him to move the skunk since he had been thinking about it for a couple days. What the conscious brain won’t do or recognize, the subconscious will bring to your attention. But who knows, anything is possible, perception is reality.

Mike Messerli said...


thanks for your comments. I appreciate your thoughts, but I'm not advocating any theological point with the post, I'm just telling Ron's story. Being a Christian mystic I am quite comfortable with the real possibility that God really did wake him up. If it wasn't God, that's's still a great story of serving others instead of waiting for the other guy to do it.

To your closing comment- as you know, perception is NOT reality, but I do understand your intent. Thanks for taking a moment to comment on the story