Saturday, January 19, 2008

Getting older

The new teaching pastor at our church, Steve, came to my office a week ago to tell me he couldn't see the clock at the back of the church sanctuary, and needed something that was easier to see. Personally, I agree with Steve. We need a better clock, something that can be seen easily, so I went online...did some research, and asked questions. What I finally ordered is this clock with its 7 inch numbers! I was told we should be able to read this clock from 300 feet away. I told Steve, "if you can't see this clock then heaven help us all!" With more than one service on Sunday morning hitting our time marks is important....this should help.


Brent said...

Gee, Mike. I have never had a problem seeing the current clock. Hmmm.


Mike Messerli said...

Brent, are you bragging about your good eye sight and youthful age?

GramCrackers said...

Brent....are you sure you can see the clock? As long as your sermons go, I thought you must be near sighted. Or....maybe they just seem long?


Brent said...

Gram, I only said I didn't have a problem seeing the current clock. I may or may not have a problem with ignoring what I see on said clock, but the reality is that I can SEE it!

And, Mikey, I'm in my 40's...and it makes me glad someone considers this "youthful."

a cracked pot or is that a jar of clay? said...

Hey guys, don't be too concerned about the time on the clock.
If the service takes a little longer, maybe it's because God's got a better idea than keeping to our demanding schedules :)

Mike Messerli said...


you are right! sometimes we forget that, but you are so right!