Monday, January 21, 2008

Just thinking...

-I'm suddenly faced with a funeral tomorrow I'm not ready for. An unexpected death, a family in shock, an uncertain eternity....those are always difficult. It's difficult for me because I know I'm dealing with eternal souls, and they are priceless to God. What to say? How to comfort the family? How to help those left behind make good decisions in their lives? It's a time when I very much need to hide and pray for a while about this.

-We have a granddaughter at our house for a sleep over. Waiting for her to get up so we can go have pancakes! It's such an amazing thing to have grandchildren. What an honor.

-I'm preaching next Sunday, continuing the study in John, and will be teaching through John 15. I spoke on part of this chapter several months ago, so I will have to take some time and get a fresh look at the passage for Sunday.

-This year I will be at the church as a pastor for 10 years....amazing. It's been an amazing time in a dozen different ways, both good and bad. One of the great things about this milestone is that at the 10 year mark I'm up to 4 weeks of vacation. I'm not sure how to take that much time off, but will try.

-In a month my wife and I will celebrate our 34th anniversary! I have been thinking about what to do....still working on it, any ideas?

-I had dinner last night with one of our worship leaders, Hal. We had a great time discussing the service for next week. Music is such a hard thing to do, there are so many styles, tastes and preferences. To get a blend that will help people to worship is really difficult. So, to make it even more complicated, what songs would you like to sing this Sunday?

-Well, she's up! So let me leave you as we head for the restaurant for pancakes with granddaughter...have a great day.


dawnparadise said...

You should go on a cruise! It is really nice to see so many sights without having to unpack over and over or having to change beds;-) And of course the food is usually fantastic!

mikemcm said...

Ruth does the planning in our house, she took the 34'th off, and planned a two week Alaska trip for the 35'th. One week of cruise, one week interior by car. Spend the extra for the balcony on the cruise. The area around Anchorage is great fishing and hiking, Denali is really big country, and you can get away from everyone.

lu said...

I'm glad you are having pancakes with your granddaughter! Your burden has been heavy of late. Nothing like the laugh and smile from a child you love to lift your spirits. Praying for you.

Anonymous said...

Well, to celebrate LJ's and my 40th. we are going to go on a Haitian vacation. Want to come with us? hehehe.

Schweers' Mom said...

You should go on vacation somewhere that you can't be bothered by a telephone! A cruise is a wonderful idea...

Pancakes with a cute kiddo sounds like fun. Hope you all had lots of grins and giggles.

Heidi Day said...

One of my favorite restaurants is Fogo de Chao over in Addison on Belt Line Road. VERY classy place for a scrumptious meal. Your wife would be very impressed!! One note: go hungry! Oh, another note is to go before their dinner hours (I think it starts at 4??--call to check). because you save $10 or maybe $15 per person. And it's the same menu!

One anniversary, Greg stopped at a florist on the way to dinner, and bought a long stemmed rose with a ribbon around it, and I carried it with me into the restaurant. I thought that was so romantic and sweet to carry a rose like that.

I could go on and on about my sweet husband, but another thing he does is write wonderful letters to me. They aren't on fancy paper...just whatever notebook paper we happen to have around...and he writes out paragraphs that make me cry. Cry in a good way :-)

I love so many songs we do at church, but some that come to mind are Be Unto Your Name, Adonai, Crown Him with Many Crowns, Famous One, Indescribable..(and that is just a cursory look at the files from A-I...should I continue?) :-)

Karen said...

Sunday is now over, and wow, your study blessed my socks off, as we used to say! I've been searching your blog specifically for the "MERMAID PRAYER" STORY(need underlines here!). You used it today to illustrate the types of prayers we make to God. It's so great, please retell it here on your blog! I plan to post the gyst of it at my desk as a reminder.
I agree with the other suggestions that you cruise: Inland Passage from Seattle to Anchorage is spectacular and romantic.. wait until summer, tho. OR, go to Hawaii now while it's dreary here. Hawaii will always be ultra romantic to me, you can snorkel and gaze at all the lovely flowers! I'll loan Joye my muumuu!
As for songs, I vote for the old worship songs that were popular about 20 years ago, all taken from Bible verses, usually from Psalms.
Love your blog and read it often. You bless us, Mikel!