Saturday, January 30, 2016


Have you ever been in a time of prayer with friends and it 

seemed to go on forever? This week, in our staff meeting, 

we finished our time together with prayer but I didn't hear the 

request that I close. We prayed, and then silence, and then 

someone else went on forever....finally I looked 

up and asked, "Did I have the "amen?" Several nervously 

laughed, "YES!" and so I said, "AMEN!" and we were done. 

Prayer is such a wonderful and odd thing all at once. We 

know we are called to pray, but there are so many 

questions, so many uncertainties with prayer. It's difficult, but 

we need it badly. We need to pray as much as we need to gives life to our souls. Lord, help me, as I 

continue to struggle with this wonderful thing called prayer, 

to really communicate with you, to really know you and hear 

you when you speak.

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