Wednesday, January 13, 2016


Years ago a song written by John Lennon captivated the imaginations of young people world wide.  It was titled "Imagine."

Here are part of the lyrics to this dream that could never be,

Imagine there's no heaven 
It's easy if you try 
No hell below us 
Above us only sky 
Imagine all the people living for today 

Imagine there's no countries 
It isn't hard to do 
Nothing to kill or die for 
And no religion too 
Imagine all the people living life in peace 

"Imagine" was the dream of a culture hoping for utopia without God, but the only thing that comes when God departs is dystopia, disaster, death, destruction.  When God leaves the stage our dreams become nightmares.

But let me re-imagine these lyrics as they really will be one day, and yes, there will be a day when much of what Lennon hoped for will happen, but it will happen because God brings it about and not because he's absent.

Imagine a day when death is no more. A day when tears are forgotten, pain is no more, fears evaporate, hated is a distant memory, wars never thought of, depression gone, resentment turned to joy, anger turned to love, rivalries exchanged for celebration for one another.

Imagine peace, real peace.  You won't have to lock your doors, you won't fear what awaits you, no one will need to carry a gun, no police will be needed, no hospitals filled with sick and hurting...imagine...can you see it?  Or is it such a dream that you think there is no way this could ever happen.

But it will...and it will happen because of God's great love and it will last forever.  Imagine all your dreams come true.  That's the kingdom that is coming, that's the utopia we dream of....are you part of it?

Are you "signed up?"  Have you made your reservations for the utopia ahead?  It won't be open to everyone, but only to those who say yes to the invitation that's been sent to everyone....come, be part of God's great kingdom.  All you imagine will finally be true.

Here's your invitation,

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, 
that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

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Unknown said...

Thanks for that inspirational thought, Mike. I am always interested in what inspires other people. Mike here is an article written by my Daughter in Law who wrote of her family's evacuation of Vietnam after the war. Juliet is now spear heading in her church in Long Grove IL the sponsoring of 2 families from the middle east...