Wednesday, January 20, 2016


Let me begin by admitting that I am not a political animal.  It doesn't interest me in the least.  Now, I know there are those who would ask, "Don't you care who is elected, who runs our country?"  

Can I be honest?  No, I don't care.  I see a different hand ruling the events of man, a hand who made the heavens.  
For me to waste a lot of time or energy on who rules my little country seems like time I could be doing something praying!

All of the politicians in the battle for our country seem like small men and women, liars and scoundrels, when you compare them with the God who made them.  And, really, what are they going to do? 

They will make promises they won't keep.

They will ultimately fail to meet our expectations....all of them.

I think this truth is revealed best as I read the stories of the kings of Israel.  Whether good or bad they all failed because they aren't really the rightful king of the earth.

One day soon he will set up his kingdom, in fact he has already begun doing that, and when he rules all his promises will be true, all his power will be genuine.  I look forward to that day. 

In the meantime I yawn as men promise things they never plan to deliver and if they do we will be the ones who have to pay for them.  

Don't get too excited about politics....they are only men, tiny men, fallen men ruling over a fallen planet.  Instead, get excited about the one king who can do all we have ever dreamed of a leader doing.  He will bring peace, life and joy to a weary planet.

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The MONEY MAN said...

I understand you're sentiment Mike, but to not vote, get involved & participate in working to elect leaders who represent Biblical, Godly & eternal values is to ignore our calling as both earthly citizens & eternal citizens of Heaven!

I do agree that our ultimate trust & hope is in God not fallen men who rule over us temporarily. We still should work hard, get involved, pray for revival & pray for our people & our nation & our leaders current & otherwise!