Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Valentine's Day

Tomorrow is Valentine's day. Another chance to show the one you love how much you care OR what a slug you are. Flowers, candy, gold, It almost feels like a conspiracy to make us men look bad if we don't buy all this stuff to show our love.

Love is something we should be showing the one we care about every day. An imposed holiday to "make us do it" almost feels fake, but we will all line up at the card racks tonight after work to get that last minute card, those flowers, the we can show our mates how much we love them.

Let me suggest you do this more often than once a year....then this day won't be so expensive. By the way, I will be one of those guys getting a card tonight with the rest of you. Happy Valentine's Day! (gulp)


Brandon and Jenny said...

I admit - it's a little pressured. Not from Jenny, but just a social pressure. They even celebrate it in Guatemala - how sad is that? It's not just 'democracy' we export.

Brent said...

I have trouble figuring out why people can be bummed about a day set aside to celebrate love. We don't celebrate enough in our culture, if you're asking me!

Why not work in a "fruit of the Spirit" celebration each month? Just rotate 'em. On the 14th of March we'll roll with joy. On the 14th of April we'll celebrate peace. On the 14th of May we'll celebrate patience. You get the idea!

C'mon, fellas! Loosen up! Get a card! Throw in a bonus flower! Have muchas smoochies! Take in a movie and hold hands with your best girl...



Long live Valentine's Day, I say!

Schweers' Mom said...

Any holiday designed around chocolate is ok by me.