Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Anniversary!

Tomorrow, February 15th, Joye and I will celebrate our 34th anniversary!
(Yes, we married the day after Valentine's Day...what were we thinking?)
I'm very blessed to have such a wonderful wife, friend and ministry partner. God is good.
So, happy anniversary to my sweet wife, Joye. The bible says that a godly woman is a blessing from the Lord, so I know that God really loves me because of the gift he gave me, my sweet Joye.
When I waited for her at the front of the church on that day it was the second time I met her at the front of the church in 3 months. The first time was the day she came forward to trust Christ as her savior (I was the pastor of evangelism), it was also the first time I met her. And in less that 3 months I met her again to marry her. 34 far it's been awesome. I'm in for another 34 years!


In His Grip said...

Congrats Mike & Joye - God is good!


jhh said...

Happy happy, Mike & Joye. I hope tomorrow's calendar is cleared except for each other! Praise God for his care for the two of you!