Monday, February 25, 2008

Difficult moments in wonderful days

I won't ever claim to "feel like Job," I'm far too blessed for that. But in the midst of wonderful days I have had some difficult moments. The big battle tonight is learning how to walk on crutches. I have nearly taken out a door, knocked Joye down, fallen down myself and stepped on the dog. I really don't like crutches. But welcome to my difficult moment....these crutches are about to become my good friends for the next 6 months!

I often think of Solomon's words in Proverbs, Pro 24:10 "If you are slack in the day of distress, Your strength is limited." In other words if you can't handle the little distresses of life how will you handle the real crisis? If your strength is not enough for crutches what will you do when....?

My personal battle is to not let the difficult moments cloud the whole of a blessed life, and it could happen easily if I let it. I know....I've watched others do little, small problem after another becoming so big in their lives that they become bitter old people who are actually very blessed and simply don't see it anymore.

So when you see me this week you need to know two things, 1. stay far away, I have no idea what these crutches will do, and 2. my frowns only indicate a frustration with these silly things...nothing more.

As I live my wonderful life I won't let the difficult moments make me miss how wonderful God is and how well he had taken care of me. The moments will pass, but God will never leave me.


thekingpin68 said...

In regard to the cartoon...always have plenty of backup.;)

Anonymous said...

Use the sticks only when it is more convenient. They rot the arm pits more than a jalapeno deoderant stick. There were a couple of wheel chairs in the churche's front entry Sunday. Being a preacher you must be use to being pushed around by now! Mike McM

Anonymous said...

They say "misery loves company"...well thanks to a message that I didn't pick up until 11 PM last night, I layed awake concerned about you and what "Mike's accident at the church" was, until 6 AM when I called Mom to get the scoop!!!!!!! Whew! Glad you are okay---I was expecting even worse.......
Your DENVER friends: L & D

Anonymous said...

Sorry about your injury. I hope the surgery goes well and your recovery is easy.

You need to get one of those wheelie things that Chris used when he broke his foot. It really made our lives easier than the crutches.

Kelly Turner

Mike Messerli said...


I told Joye about Chris' solution, and she went online and found one. It's in the mail, but I will need crutches until it arrives. I agree with you, after watching Chris it's the only way to go! thanks.

Pony and Petey said...

Hey Duuuude! Sorry about the fall and resulting injury = ( We'll be praying for your healing!

As to the crutches...just think about the mongo biceps you'll have after 6!