Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Some thoughts today

I have been laying here with my foot up for just a few days now and I'm already going stir crazy. What can I do but color, write and think? I can see why depression is a close companion to serious illness. When all you have to do is sit and think you think about yourself....and nothing good comes from that!

I know better, but have wished for a "do over" of the last week. I know we all do that when something bad happens...if only I could have, or if only I didn't....then I wouldn't be here.

But I wonder, is this situation meant to do more for me than I know? What is God's goal through all of this? I read that amazing passage in James 1 as he begins the book by saying, "Consider it all joy when you encounter various trials." That response can only come from a look at the bigger picture, a knowing that the sovereign God of creation has allowed this in my life for a reason, so how should I look at it? WITH JOY! I'm still working on that, but I can't wait to see what he is going to do with me through this time.

So many of you are praying for me, thank you. I can't think of anything more exciting than to know that your name is being brought before the Father by people all over the world. Thank you for your prayers.

I got an e-mail from a family who went through this very same thing 6 years ago. The husband fell and crushed both of his heels! It was a very difficult time for them. They have wandered off, and I have not seen them in a while, but when they heard about my fall I got a note from them saying they want to help me in the same way I helped them during their crisis. That's the family of God working like it should. It will be great to see them again.

So, today is a day of rest and waiting...I will also use the time to pray. I'm not so interested in the "why" prayers as I am in praying, "Lord, will you work in my life through this time?" That's my see God glorified in my life when I am broken and hurting.

I'll keep you updated on what I find in my walk with God through this time......


Schweers' Mom said...

The thought of rest and being still sound so attractive until you actually have to do it.

During my post-bunion surgery recovery I enjoyed lots of crossword puzzles and Sudoku.

Maybe I should bring you some pictures from Israel to look at. (They really are interesting!)

Mike Messerli said...


I would love to see your pictures. And I have plenty to do during this time. I am looking forward to this time with God.

Come by and show me your photos.

Schweers' Mom said...

I will do that! I told you that I would give you a disc with pictures on it. I'm trying to figure out a way to do it and add notes so that you know what the pictures are of (especially when it's not so obvious!).

And as to your post today - sometimes I'd like to be exempt on the faith test! Could I just have faith without the trials??

Mike Messerli said...

Lori, thanks, I look forward to seeing the photos of your adventure.

Can you have faith without the trials? I don't see that option in the word, sorry. But would you want that kind of faith anyway? Note what Peter says about it in 1 Peter and what he compares a tested faith to. It's worth the trials to get that kind of faith!