Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Just thinking...

My mind is racing tonight with the issues of life- a broken fence I need to fix, a rattle in my car that is driving me nuts, a class I need to get ready for tomorrow night, bills to pay, marriage counseling to schedule, hurting people to care for, income taxes I need to fill out (I'm dreading that!), staffing issues I need to work on, dying people I need to connect with, books I need to read, a wife I need to spend time with, complaints I need to address, "stuff" I need to pray about, parents coming to town this weekend (which will be great)......and the list continues.....so let me leave you with just this one thing that I am thinking about:
In the midst of all of this I am constantly aware that the God of the universe loves me, cares for me and thinks about me all the time...even when I'm too busy to think about Him. That one thought often makes me stop and just bask in His presence. I may be far too busy and a little tired, but I'm loved by the creator of the universe.....so the rest is just small stuff.

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Sandi Shipley said...

That's the way I've felt these past few weeks as I try to "juggle" life with a new direction that I feel God is leading me toward. He's always amazing to give you the rest you need and stretch "our time" to serve where he has us.