Thursday, February 21, 2008

Missing the obvious

My wife and I were both out teaching last night at different locations, but when we finally got home she asked me, "did you see the eclipse?" I had not. I missed it. In fact, as I read the news this morning and looked at the photos of the day I was disappointed that I had missed such an amazing site.

It occurs to me that I had two problems, 1. I didn't know there was going to be an eclipse, and 2. I wasn't looking. Those are the same problems that the world at large faces. They don't know and they aren't looking. God is working in our world to draw people to himself, but many miss it. They don't know and they aren't looking.

It's hard to look for something you don't know about, so it appears that a knowledge is first priority, then watching for that thing you know about is easier. And yet we are in an amazing time of not knowing. There is no absolute truth, no one can "know" anything for sure they tell us. But I believe that we can know, and unless we do know we won't look. Maybe that's the ultimate agenda of the other keep people from looking.

So here we a world where the knowledge of God is everywhere, if you will only look, and most people around us will miss it. They will say, "I didn't know, so I didn't look." They will miss the obvious.

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Schweers' Mom said...

Reagan and I had a blast watching the eclipse. I've never seen a lunar eclipse before. It was fascinating. Grayson had gone to bed and was mad we didn't wake him for the event.