Monday, February 11, 2008

Riding the roller coaster

I'm sorry for my few days of absence. It has been busy! I feel like I'm riding a roller coaster, and I didn't even buy a ticket. Over the weekend we were away for a pastor-elder retreat. Great coordinator, and a really good start for future direction.
Counseling has filled many of my days and the basic needs of life take the rest. Suddenly I turn around and it's Monday again!
When I'm on a "roller coaster" like this I think of the movie with Steve Martin called Parenthood. There is a scene in the movie where Steve and his wife are discussing all the ups and downs of life. His wife is enjoying them all, but his anxiety is overwhelming for him, then his grandmother steps into the picture with a story, she says, "Some people like roller coasters but some like the merry-go-round. Some enjoy the excitement of the roller coaster, but others want the predictability of the merry-go-round. For me the merry-go-round is boring, I like the roller's more fun."
And so goes our lives, up and down, we never know what's next. If you are a merry-go-round person life is hard for you, but if you like the roller coaster then you can't wait to see what's coming next. I do enjoy the roller coaster of life, I just need to get off the ride once in a while to get a hot dog....


In His Grip said...

Thank you Mike.

Some times I think I bought a ticket for the roller coaster, but it turned out to be the merry go round. I didn't realize it was the merry go round until the ride started. That can be the hardest ride to get off.

But when I finally exit the ride, it usually takes a least a couple of corny dogs and a funnel cake...


Toneman said...

For me, I like the roller coasters, but I usually stress if I have to go on more than one coaster at a time!

This Friday or next Friday is good for me, let me know what your schedule will allow and we can work out the details.

lu said...

Too many roller coaster rides back to back make me throw-up -- in life and at the park. I, too, can comfort myself in a funnel cake.