Saturday, April 02, 2016

The silent world

I live in a world of noise
a world where silence is feared
where a quiet moment is hard to find

In this world of noise
I can't hear God
there are too many
voices calling for
my attention
And so he waits...

He waits for me to listen
to step away from the noise
to listen for his voice

Elijah heard God
but only after all the noise had passed
Only after the storms stilled

And when he heard him he feared

To hear from God
means I have to deal with me

I am suddenly made aware
of the me that needs him
and in that need...

...I realize...

...that he is all I need

And so I pursue the silent world
where I can hear God

It's in that place
he and I work on 

It's in that silent world
that I experience
a loving father
meeting with
his silly son

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