Saturday, April 09, 2016


The dreaded sign of any trip- 

"Detour ahead"

 The path was chosen, the course clear, our destination intentional and then, to make the trip even more difficult....a detour.

It's unavoidable in driving.  There may be an accident ahead, traffic construction or weather issues.  Detours promise I will still get to my destination, but not as I had planned and not when I had planned.

My own life has been full of detours, routes I never planned or anticipated.  I'm sure you have seen them as well.  The problem with a detour in our faith is we easily lose our way, lose sight of the goal and wander off course.

A detour will present itself for any believer who decides to pursue God.  It always happens.  It might take moments or days to get back on course, but we dare not forget where we were going.

All through the bible our relationship with God is described as a walk.  A walk has certain elements to its success- a start, a destination and the path to get there.  Often, as we walk with God a detour can come.  It might be as simple as a distraction, a health issue, a family crisis, a job change.  Detours happen in every life.

It's not the detour that is ever the problem.  

The problem comes when we forget where we were going and wander off to other passions and desires.

One of my favorite crusty old prophets is Amos.  In his book he travels north to speak to Israel about the detours they had taken.

In chapter 5 he speaks to Israel on behalf of God,

"Seek me and live;
do not seek Bethel,
do not go to Gilgal,
    do not journey to Beersheba.
For Gilgal will surely go into exile,
    and Bethel will be reduced to nothing.”
Seek the Lord and live,"

The nation of Israel had taken a detour.  

They were religious, there's no doubt about that, but in the beginning the goal was to seek God.  Now, with many detours behind them, religion had become the goal and they missed the original destination- knowing and seeking God himself.

God, through Amos, is telling them, don't forget where you were going.  Your many detours have caused you to miss the destination completely!  Remember where you were trying to go!  

As my GPS does, it was time for them to remind themselves of the original goal.  Don't forget, in spite of detours along your path, the goal is to know and seek God.  

Make sure your spiritual GPS is set on the goal of seeking and knowing God so the detours won't cause you to lose your way.

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