Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Struggling to trust

I wonder why it's so hard to trust God
He has always been faithful
He has always cared
Even as I write these words he holds my hand
But I struggle to trust Him

I think that's why he brings storms
A storm focuses my attention on two things-
my problem and a solution

When all hope is gone
when I have nowhere else to turn
and finally turn to God
I discover he is there

I think that's why he brings storms
They help me focus on him

When the disciples were in the boat
And Jesus slept in the back
He let them struggle
until all hope was gone
Only then did they come to him 
to ask for help

Only then did they lose all hope
only to find faith

"You are the trust of all the ends of the earth
and of the farthest sea.
You still the roaring of the seas
The roaring of their waves."

But you wait until I finally
in despair
come to you

I'm still struggling to trust
I wish I could tell you
I always trusted God

I don't

I'm still trying to do it myself
but when I fail completely
and all hope is lost
I come to Him and he 
is always there

It's a struggle to 
stop struggling
and trust

But gradually
I find
that as I completely fail
and come to him
He graciously calms my storms

His kindness and love
is always sweet
even when
I struggle to trust


Philip Warner said...

Nailed it. God bless you Mike

Kathy Rice said...

I lived a big portion of my life with only a few real storms. I learned to trust in "ME" when things were going well in life. That became a dangerous and deceptive habit. As I grew in Christ and prayed to be closer to Him and more like Him, that is when the really big storms came. As hard and scary and terrible as they are, I can honestly say that is the only way God can keep me close. The more I learn about Him and experience Him, the more I am grateful for the storms that keep me focused on Him. Because He lives, I can face tomorrow; Because He lives, all Fear is Gone...