Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Molding me

We each become the person we really want to be  

Daily we are cultivating the person 
that will be remembered by others  

Moment by moment we make decisions
that etch that person more clearly 
into who we will forever be

We become the person we really want to be

Like clay in the hands of a potter
I create the vessel that is me

A cruel word here
a hidden sin there
an angry response in a moment
all make an impression
on the clay that is me

And in time that clay hardens
and others see the work of my life

Some choose a different style 
of pottery
They are more intentional,
less careless

They gently seek another outcome
With a softer touch they return
a harsh word with love

They respond to a hurt with a prayer

When they lose something precious
they release it to God and choose

The clay forms differently for them
It's a softer vessel, gentle lines
Its very look speaks of grace
as the potter responds to the grace
 received from God

As his vessel hardens it looks so different

It's attractive, appealing, refreshing
It's a vessel that gives a smile, a kind word
a gentle touch no matter what is done to it

As the years pass I'm daily molding me,
the vessel I will be
The clay hardens and I reveal to the world
the work of the craftsman

A work of love and grace or
a work of selfishness and resentment

When I see an older person I know
what they did with the clay that is them

The vessel is set, the work is done
and in their face, in their words
they tell me of their hearts

Moment by moment I'm molding me

Lord, guide my hands that what comes
out when the vessel is done
a vessel that looks like you

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