Monday, January 26, 2009

History of world religions

Joye and I are in the middle of a course on world missions and in my search for material I found this graphic. It was interesting to see how the religions of the world grew over time. One thing I knew, but never thought much about, was the fact that most of us follow our parent's faith. I am glad to have found Christ as my savior early in life. More and more I'm becoming focused on missions and those who live in places where they have never heard the name of Jesus Christ. I am wondering what God will do with Joye and I as we serve him together. Getting interested in missions is a dangerous never know what might happen.


Schweers' Mom said...

That is the most amazing map that I've ever seen. I guess being a visual learner, it really showed me something I've never seen before (with regard to the growth of the various religions). Where did you find it?

Mike Messerli said...

I'm sorry, I roam around so much to find just the right thing for the blog that I don't remember where I got this.....I'll have to keep better notes.

Joye said...

Brandon and Jenny said...

That was amazing. Especially cool was watching "World Missions" begin and very quickly the planet looks a lot more blue.

Just amazing.

And there's still a lot to do!