Thursday, January 29, 2009

The unmentionable three-letter word

This afternoon I read an interesting article in the Jerusalem Post. Here is a portion of the article by Emanuel Feldman....

The unmentionable three-letter word


"It is somehow difficult to fathom how we - who gave monotheism to the world, and in modern times miraculously returned to our homeland after a hiatus of 2,000 years, defeating the millions of enemies all around us in one war after another while building up a lovely and prosperous land despite the animosity of much of the world, one that leads the world in scientific, intellectual and technological advances - how after all this, we should have become so skittish about invoking the name of God."

As I read this paragraph by Mr. Feldman I thought about my own faith community, the Christian church, and must honestly admit we too have been brought to silence by the culture around us. There is almost an embarrassment about being a Christian in our culture, community and workplace, and so we rarely mention God in public. It's as if the culture has challenged our right to an open and passionate faith and dialogue about God, and we have bowed to their challenges, so now most of us only mention God in our faith communities.

What happened to a bold faith about a big God?

What happened to a real belief in heaven and hell?

What happened to sin?

Has the culture silenced us so effectively that, like the Jewish culture of Israel today, we are too embarrassed to talk about our God and our faith?

Do we really believe the Bible and its message or are we embarrassed to admit we believe in God?

It would seem to be true that Christians have caved to the secular culture in our part of the world as well. This article has challenged me. I want to intentionally live my faith boldly and talk about my God freely. In a culture where everyone claims the right to their own truth why are we ashamed to proclaim our faith in the one true God?

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Brandon and Jenny said...

You ought to preach a sermon on this. The only reason I am not excited about God is when I get wrapped up in me and forget about Him. And I forget about Him when I stop thinking about Him. I stop thinking about Him when I neglect to respond to His constant love by loving Him in return.

If we knew Him we would not be so ashamed of Him.

All these thoughts from a paragraph.