Friday, June 10, 2011

Moments remembered

A friend left a comment on another site that I write on and I wanted to share it here for the encouragement it is to me and hopefully to you. My friend wrote, "Mike, I will never forget fishing with you one day in 2004 and you gave me an awesome sermon. You asked, "do you believe in Jesus?' I said, "yes", you then said, "then why are you worrying, friend". That day made a serious difference in the days I have lived since then."

Now, I have to tell you that I don't remember that conversation, but my friend changed him. That is a "God moment." It's one of those times when God uses each of us to touch, help, encourage, speak to the life of another. It's those moments, those words that help us each go on. It's the work of God's Spirit in our lives that take a word from one and uses it to change another. They are divine moments that we may not be aware of, but God is working.

I can't wait for the day when we see all God did through us when we were completely unaware of his work....there will be many. I'm thankful that a word I forgot has been used by God to change, to help, to encourage someone else. Those moments remembered are wonderfully life changing!

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Michell said...

Thank you, Mike, for all your encouraging words and works. You are a blessing to many. I am grateful to have you as a pastor and friend and to know I'll be with you and Joye forever. How Glorious and inspiring.