Wednesday, June 08, 2011

The God who has spoken

One of my favorite books in the bible is the book of Hebrews. I have taught through it many times and always see something new as I work through it again. This morning I come to chapter 1 once more. These are words so familiar to me that I almost have them memorized. The theme of Hebrews is "Jesus is better." He's better than the angels, better than any prophet, he's better. It's a glorious theme as the book begins with these words, "God, after He spoke long ago......has now spoken through His Son." Jesus is the final word from God for mankind. When he has finished there is nothing more to say.

Many religions have arrived on the scene since Jesus' resurrection and ascension, but he is God's final word to the human race. There's nothing more needed. When, on the cross, he said, "It is finished" he meant redemption and revelation. He had fully revealed God to the human race. In Jesus we see the face of God.

Personally, I long to know God and that knowing is best done in the company of Jesus. In him I see God. I see what he is like, how he thinks, how he acts in my life. That's why I hang out in the gospels so much. Each day, as I read, I'm reading somewhere in the four gospels. As I read I follow along and watch as Jesus interacts in the lives of others. I see his kindness, his compassion, his love for mankind. I see him, even when he's exhausted, smile as the crowds close in for his time and touch. I see God in the face of Jesus. There is no other mirror held up for us to see what God is like.

In every other relgion on planet earth god is distant, aloof, remote, unknowable, but in Christianity God is loving, kind, caring, approachable and available. In Jesus I see God and I love the God who so wilingly reveals himself. He's exactly what I hoped God would be!

The great thing about the God of the bible is that he wants us to know him. He wants to have a relationship with us. This is the amazing thing to me....the one who made me really likes me. He wants to spend time with me. He wants me to know him. Yes, he has spoken, but even more than that he has reached out to us and he says, "I love you, let's spend some time together."

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