Sunday, June 26, 2011


This morning, as the sun began to rise, I had a wonderful time of prayer with some of our people in the church. It was great to carve out an hour to seek God's work in our midst. Prayer is hard work and many avoid it because it demands a quietness and honesty that is difficult. But this morning I had the joy of trusting God with this day.

This work, my life, this world and all that goes on is in God's power to direct and influence, so why wouldn't I talk to him about it all? But, like so many, I get busy doing instead of quietly talking to God. I think, that sometimes, it feels like I'm accomplishing more in the doing that in the praying, but that is simply not the case. Prayer is the most important thing I can ever do with my moments. I'm glad I used a few moments this morning to talk to the creator of the universe.

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