Thursday, January 23, 2020

The tragedy of abortion

I've been thinking about the abortion problem and it is tragic and terrible, but it's actually much worse than many describe. Not only have more than 60 million lives been taken but 10's of millions of mothers have willingly killed their babies and are living with the guilt of it. I can't imagine the weight of such a decision and the burden they carry for their choice every day. They desperately need our love and prayers.

Sunday, January 12, 2020

God's amazing provision

I have been reflecting on life. 

I'm old enough that I get to do that. 

As I look back on my life I realize I have not been qualified for any of the jobs I have ever gotten. I was given positions I was not qualified for, should have never gotten, but God opened doors I never saw, provided for us in ways I never imagined and led in paths I never knew were there. And, as we have wandered through our days here I realize that although it looks like a series of accidental encounters they were all divine appointments. 

God had his fingers in everything. 

How could I ever worry again as I look back and see God involved in everything that has ever happened? When he says, "My grace is sufficient..." he means so much more than we could ever imagine.

Friday, January 10, 2020

Fear and anxiety

Fear and anxiety linger at the fringes of our lives waiting for the opportunity to overwhelm us. These emotions are constant reminders of how thin and fragile our faith in God really is. I think this is why God has to constantly remind us, "Do not be afraid!" Why? Because there is a God who is fully in control of the events of our lives. He has never lost control. Everything that comes to us has to pass through his hands.