Wednesday, August 22, 2018


None of us like suffering, but there is nothing that will clear your mind of the things that don't matter like pain.  Suffering has a way of stripping away what isn't important and focusing your priorities on what really matters,  it brings your friends, the real ones, to the rescue to hold your hand, pray for you and love you.  It loosens your grip on the things of the world and helps you see the eternal things in a new way.  None of us like suffering, but it has a cleansing effect on the sufferer and gives them a new clarity on what life is really all about.  All of us will suffer at some point in our lives.  When it comes don't run from it but welcome it as a friend who has come to clear your vision and strip away the silly things you have been busy about in the past.  And,  the most important thing of all, if you don't let bitterness sneak in, you will see God more clearly than you could have ever imagined.  When suffering comes welcome it, "Greetings dreaded friend.  Thank you for all you will accomplish in my life.  May God work through you for his glory."

Friday, August 17, 2018

Above all.....

The greatest need of the human heart is kindness.  Kindness from another, a smile, a soft word, a caring touch, the awareness that the other person is important to you, that you see them, hear them and want to take time for them.  Kindness is a rare gem in our day but because of that it is precious to the one receiving it.  Make it a priority in your life to be kind.  You will find a rich treasure of friends, smiles and thanks from those you have touched who were starving for someone to care for them.  Above all be kind!