Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Inverted morality

Isaiah 5:20
Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil; Who substitute darkness for light and light for darkness; Who substitute bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter!

I'm fascinated as I read the morning news and compare it to my bible.  It's as if the two are describing completely different worlds.  This is the state of a world that denies God.  It happens slowly, but over time an inversion takes place. What is good becomes evil. What is light becomes dark. What is bitter becomes sweet. What is right becomes wrong.  

We now live, for the most part, in a culture with an inverted morality.  For those who are Christians it might surprise you, but you are now considered evil for your views.  The good described in the bible for those who seek God is now considered evil by the culture around us.  Inversion has happened.  If you think there are any sins that are wrong the inverted culture around you will ridicule you for your antiquated beliefs.  Inversion has happened slowly, but it's fully in place now.  

In an inverted culture everything is backwards, upside down, everything is confused....and it's confused intentionally.  The goal of an inverted culture is to make right the very things the bible calls sin.  It's a culture that makes true the very things we know are a lie.  It's a government that punishes those who do the right things and praise those who do the wrong.  It is, as Superman discovered, a Bizaro world!

When inversion happens you will read things like this on CNN's web site, 

"Dan Cathy, the CEO of Chick-fil-A, proudly proclaimed his opposition to marriage equality."

Did you see the inversion?  Did you catch it?  The author of this piece made Dan Cathy, a Christian who believes in biblical marriage, a man who is now opposed to marriage equality!  The author made right wrong and black white.  He made a good thing evil and an evil thing good.  Inversion makes sin now the moral right and it makes what God says is right the moral evil of the day.

We do indeed live in an upside down world!  This is happening in every area and aspect of our culture.  If you're not listening carefully you will fall into agreement with the culturally inverted morality of our day, but it's wrong!  

The right-side-up view of things is clearly described in the bible.  God hasn't changed his views.  He still says marriage is between a man and a woman only.  He still says that sex outside of marriage is wrong.  He still says that homosexuality is sin just as lying and stealing are sins.  Even as I type this I know I will be the subject of our inverted morality and be called a bigot, someone opposed to "marriage equality", but I'm not.  I view the world right side up and refuse to agree with the Bizaro upside down world around me.  

There is still evil and good,  dark and light, bitter and sweet and they do not change simply because the culture doesn't like the way God describes right and wrong.  Yes, I realize I live in a culture and world inverted by sin, but I still have to declare to the world around me that all of this is upside down.  This is not the way God wants us to live.  Even if the upside world around me doesn't like to hear it said it's still upside down and inverted from the way God designed it.  And imagine, as we sail off into this inverted world of morality, where will we end up in our journey if our bearings are off by 180 degrees?


Anonymous said...

Thanks Mike!

Ann said...


Stamenov Family News said...

My thoughts exactly...I just never could put it quite so eloquently.

Richi said...

If you couldn't put it so well - why bother commenting with one line?
If you want to comment - logically disagree or extend the argument.

I independently noticed the morality inversion but it isnt the child-like one spoken about here - by someone who is older and by all accounts should be therefore wiser.
There's the joke on everyone - even those awake enough to notice the obvious morality inversion as part of the big picture - are still victims of it - and the mind control - only you are ironically victims of a much more basic, child's manipulation - one in which you speak of God yet aren't clinically retarded.
Am not sure if you know what so called god is? You seem to speak, as with the millions of fools, out of fear of the bully - so this is the imaginary friend you create - what does that say about your morality and subconscious? As it speaks of nothing else.
Funny that in all the decades you have had to study the satanic bible - you never found the time to bother reading Sumerian history with the slightest humility - ironic for someone who wants the perception of a good Christian - but who clearly hasn't got the wisdom or humility to follow Christ in the real teachings that matter. No surprise for a hypocrite in a satanic experiment state - speaking of morality inversion within the matrix and without awareness.
A passing glance at ancient culture can explain so obviously the origin of your child religion - used to manipulate only those most simple of minds - as expressed by the numbers of religious people in the worst educated countries.
Now there is no excuse - hundreds of researchers have not just written books but their lectures are easily accessible online meaning there is no excuse for ignorance.
Any wise child worked out that if there is any force for good in reality - it is unimaginably far removed from human reality and possibly doesn't even care. This suggests that either no good exists at all or humanity is intrinsically evil and whatever good there is - is in contempt of us and keeps it's distance. Clearly any good HAS and continues to allow satanic manipulation - no one awake can deny - leaving the options

a) there is only evil and no good - all apparent good is the deception by evil

b) any good force, spirit, life, mind is so far removed it as good as doesn't care - or isn't aware of us...or

c) the only hopeful option...
is it weak or distant and trying to help in a subtle way with rules that prevent crude interference.

Would you like proof that in the Eden story the two entities called god and serpent were in fact the brother gods of Sumer - only human, and that the "tempting one" wasn't tempting but the good one - trying to free humanity from the delusion of the evil one - the evil one "won" and of course got to write history and place himself not only as the good guy but erase the memory of the other "gods".

So if you really want to speak of morality inversion - Americans have a "hell" of a lot of work to do - and it is hell as I know what a sense of entitlement you all have

Mike Messerli said...


thanks for your thoughts. it's clear you know where you stand. I would love to hear more about your story and how you came to these views.


John Hoverson said...

Please never stop doing this blog. I've read your posts for years. Prayed for you guys during the Apartment sprinkler system flood not too long ago and at other times. You are always encouraging! May our Lord richly bless you, here and later on. Thank you! And as for your new ministry to and with the aged and soon to pass on... Wow! What a needed and so very appreciated ministry by the saved and their families.

PS ~ You're response to Richi was, as I've seen in you often, done in your classic, Jesus led style. Bravo brother!!

Mike Messerli said...


wow, thanks for the encouragement. there are days I wonder if it's worth it, but your encouragement is so helpful. Thank you.