Saturday, July 28, 2012

A perfect fit!

This morning an old friend came by to help me with some woodworking in our home. I had attempted to put a new crown molding over our fireplace and only got part way done when I realized I can't do this! 

The angles, the fit and finish, the knowledge and experience to do this were way beyond me. I simply abandoned the project and there it sat....for more than a year....partly finished, but mostly unfinished. During this summer my wife told me she wanted it completed. Since there was no way I could do it I called an old friend who is a master carpenter. He spent a couple hours with saws, knives, furrowed brows, funny looks, and strange words, but finally the smile of accomplishment as he finished the work. 

It was a perfect fit! 

If I had tried to do what he accomplished in two hours it would have taken months and thousands of dollars in wasted wood. 

My walk with God is like this as he, the master carpenter, works in my life to cut a bit here, whittles there, working on this piece and then another until he has the perfect fit....until I look like Christ. What might be painful for me is simply his work to perfect me, to make the perfect fit.  

As I watched my friend work I realized that what he was doing was more the work of an artist than of a carpenter.  My life is much the same.  The artist who made all creation is working in my life even now to craft a masterpiece, to make all the pieces of my life fit together.  When he's done he will smile with accomplishment at his finished work...another masterpiece in the image of Christ.

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