Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Last night, as I lay in bed thinking, it occurred to me how lonely it would be to live in a universe without God.  I began to think of the consequences of such a place and here are a few of my random thoughts....

Without God there would be no purpose, no reason we are here.  Blind chance would rule and I would have no idea why I'm here, my purpose, my reason for life.  Without God there is no purpose.

Without God there is no reason,  no rationality.  If all of this is an accident then reason and rationality are also just ideas that accidental creatures have invented and they too are irrational.  Without God there is no reason, no rationality.

Without God there is no "why".  Why am I here?  Why do things happen the way they do?  Why do I love?  Why do I hurt so badly when I lose someone?  Without God "why" is irrelevant and irrational.

Without God there is no hope.  If there is no God there is nothing to live for, nothing beyond this life, nothing to give us direction, purpose, reason, value, definition.  Without God there is no hope.

Without God we are alone.  Accidents in a universe that cares nothing for us.  Alone with just a few years of despair and meaningless existence and then we die.  Without God we are alone.  

Alone, no purpose, completely accidental creatures in a universe that has no meaning.  Why would I want to live in such a world?  It's worse than any hell I could imagine!  If God doesn't exist then all of this is meaningless and even my words are absurd, but....

....But there is a God who gives us reason, meaning, purpose, hope and never leaves us alone.  This contrast is the contrast between heaven and hell.  Heaven is a place where God is.  Hell is the place where God is not.  Personally I prefer hope, reason, purpose, rationality and a God who loves me.  

Alone in a meaningless universe is absurd.  Why would anyone want to believe in such a place?  It would be hell on earth.   Maybe that's the reason my atheist friends are all so angry.  Without God all is meaningless and in their universe without God they are trying to define meaning, but if there is no God who cares?


Anonymous said...

I'm not angry. I'm good without the idea of god to give sanction to my being. I give sanction to my being! I volunteer at shelters for the homeless and deliver meals to the elderly. I don't do this because a god requires it. I do this because it makes me feel good to help out those less fortunate.

Thank you,
A confirmed and Happy Atheist

Mike Messerli said...

Thanks for your comment. I'm glad you are serving others, helping those in need. Applause from me! Well done. We all need to reach out to others and help one another. Your actions should be the norm, but most are not as giving as you describe. Again, well done!