Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Ask, Seek, Knock

Ask, seek, knock.  Sounds like an invitation doesn't it?

In both Matthew and Luke these words of invitation are given by Jesus to his disciples.  They have been words of invitation for more than 2,000  years to those who trust Christ, but these invitations are richer than the simple words communicate.

In the Greek the language speaks in this way:  KEEP asking, KEEP seeking, KEEP knocking.  Don't give up, don't stop, Don't quit.  God is inviting us to pester him!  He's encouraging persistence.  Keep asking, keep seeking, keep knocking.

Have you ever had someone at the door ringing the bell, knocking on the door and they simply won't go away until you answer?  This is the invitation of Jesus...don't give up!  But the invitation is bolder still:  Ask and it WILL be given you, see and you WILL find, knock and the door WILL be opened to you.  There is a promise of response by God!

This threefold invitation is a challenge to those who trust God to pray until he answers, keep knocking until he comes to the door....don't give up.

But it's even bolder still as Jesus contrasts our earthly fathers with God our father as he says, "if your earthly fathers give good things to their children don't you think that God will do even more for his children who call on him night and day?"  The rhetorical answer is "YES HE WILL!"

This is the grandest, boldest invitation to prayer anywhere in scripture.  It's a challenge by God himself to ask, seek and knock.  

We really don't know what to do with this because many of us have prayed and not seen the answer to our requests.  We are confused by the invitation and the contrasting results of our prayers so many have simply quit asking....it's just easier that way.  We'll figure things our for ourselves....

....but God's invitation is dramatic and bold.  Why would he throw out such a big invitation if he didn't want us to test this invitation, to ask him, seek him, knock until he answers?  

Like a loving father God wants us to come to him for our needs and requests.  He longs to reach out his hands of provision to our hands of need and so a grand invitation is offered....ask, seek, knock.

If you're having trouble figuring out how all this works frankly that's not your problem.  Your invitation is to ask, seek and knock. The rest is God's problem.  Might I invite you to once more visit this grand invitation by Jesus and  once more approach the father for the needs of your life?  Might I challenge you to take these words seriously and keep knocking until "God comes to the door?"

Keep asking, keep seeking, keep knocking and watch as God keeps his promises to his children.

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