Thursday, July 12, 2012

Thoughts on July 12th

I have been wonderfully blessed by my church to have three months away for a time of sabbatical.  I have two weeks left before I return to the joy of full time ministry.  These months have been a great time of rest, books to read, places to go and time with my amazing wife.  

We have gone to a conference, traveled, seen family we needed to attend to, and gone to a number of churches to see what is happening in other faith communities.  I've been surprised at the diversity of worship and teaching, but all of the churches are alive and seem to be growing. 

Worship at one church was a rock concert, at another hymns, and another was tribal in would have to see it to understand, but in each of them people were worshipping and praising God.  In each of them the preaching/teaching was different.  Some young, some old, but all of them teaching God's word.  I'm honestly encouraged and my vision of what "works" is much different than when we began.  I will say more about that another time, but for these months I can say I have found rest, a refreshing and a new perspective that has helped me be ready for the next years of ministry.  

Thank you dear church family for this time away and your love for Joye and I.  We are most blessed.

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