Friday, August 18, 2006

Strange business

I had a very interesting experience today. I had taken my motorcycle in to a vintage BMW dealer to do some repairs. It would cost me about $200.00. They called today and said, "that's the least of my need...."

When they were done I had a list of about $1,000.00 of repairs that I supposedly "needed right now." I was shocked, because I really take great care of my bike. I told them I couldn't do all of that, and would come get my bike, but with a second thought I called back to ask, "wait a minute, I asked you to do a specific repair, aren't you going to do that??" The owners reply was what got me, he said, "no, that's not what you need most. I won't do that before I do the more important things." So, tomorrow I am going down to pick up my, as he called it, "piece of junk" motorcycle, repairs undone.

Ok, why a blog on this?

I'm so glad the Lord doesn't do that with us. He's so kind to take what broken pieces we bring him and fix those. We have more to work on, but we don't know that yet...we are still growing. God knows there are bigger things to fix, more important things, and yet he gently takes the broken pieces we give him, fixes those, loves us, and knows there are more things we need to fix, but he waits...He waits for us to grow, to see, to know that there are more broken things we need his help with, and he waits for us to come to him with those pieces as well.

I may run down the road of my walk with God with things that need repair- a bad attitude, an unforgiving heart, anger towards another believer. God will convict me, lead me, work with me until I realize I need his help to fix each of those things. And then when I come, he helps me with my problem, fixes my broken life, and helps me grow to see there is still more we need to work on, still more...until we are mature in him, conformed to the image of Christ.

Thanks, Lord, for all you have done and all you are doing in us now. Thank you that you are working in us to make us Christ-like. Continue to work, help us to grow.

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vincit omnia veritas said...

In theological jargon, the word “sanctification” means little to many. But from a pastor's point of view, this spiritual work by the third Person of the Trinity is expressed like a “song of praise” welling from a grateful heart - and all this from a simple observation of a motorcycle. Truly encouraging, brother! And thoughtful too.