Wednesday, August 16, 2006

A good article to read

I would like to encourage you to read a blog article on my wife's blog. It deals with how she reads the bible. I think it's an excellent article, and I encourage you to read it. The one thing I find with most Christians is that they don't read the word regularly, and I think it's hurting the church more than we know. I often ask people I meet with, "Are you in the word?" And rarely do I hear them respond, "Yeah, every day!"

Most of the responses are something like this, "Well, no, not as much as I should...I'd like to read more, but....I know I should, but...." Well, you get the idea. If you are struggling with a way to read the word on a daily basis let me invite you to read Joye's blog.

You can read it at Joyefulthings


Anonymous said...

I second that!

But when people say "not as much as I should" (which I've said myself), I wonder what is the standard they are comparing themselves with? "Should" is very relative - is it every day for one hour or every day for 5 minutes? (Not that I have a correct answer for this - these are rhetorical!) I think the biggest deterrent to reading is feeling like you won't understand it. That certainly kept me from reading it for YEARS. I thought Bible reading was for the spiritually elite and I didn't feel like I qualified. Amazing!

Mike Messerli said...


I know. It's a personal realization that I "SHOULD" and I'm not, so saying "not as much as I should" is usually a nice way of saying, "no, I'm not reading the word at all!"

It's sure not how we would do with food. We believe, and rightly so, that someone who will not eat, even when they can and should, has a problem. Why don't we view the food for our souls the same way?

Unknown said...

Not meaning to take away from your question as that is needed greatly... but I have pondered that question and wondered if we should ask, "Is the Word in you?"


Mike Messerli said...


great question, how would you follow up on that? I like your question, just not sure how I would then move them to action.