Monday, July 11, 2016

All SOULS matter!

This morning I'm thinking about the events of the last weeks. There are so many voices, so many emotions, so many fears and angers. In the middle of this mess we easily lose our way. Some are focused on "black lives matter", others on "all lives matter" and still more talking about "blue lives matter." All of those are true, all of the voices are passionate, all want life to be valued. We all want that, but do we remember that life is short and then we face eternity? Did we forget that above "all lives matter" is this- "all souls matter!" Voice your passions about the temporal, but never forget the eternal. That's the message of the cross....ALL SOULS MATTER TO GOD! And Christ came to give us the life that really matters...the life that will never end. May we be as passionate about the eternal as we are about the temporal.

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