Wednesday, July 27, 2016


There is a reason for my last post on "the guide."  I'm searching for paths in my own life.  It strikes me that it's not so much the path, although that's important, but who I am as I walk the path...whatever path I travel.  In other words I have to constantly revisit this issue-  it's not so much which way I go as it is the person I am as I go.  God's will for me, as I understand it better, is not about where I go, but about who I am as I go there...the kind of person I am as I encounter others.  Does my life draw them to God or make them think, "oh, there is another one of those pompous Christians."  My life, as I walk, is more important than where I walk.  Who I am is more important than where I am. As I watch Paul in the book of Acts and his letters I see a man not so concerned with where he is, but who he is while there. Whether in prison or on the road, whether floating in the ocean after a ship wreck or sitting by a fire to warm himself...for Paul it was who he was, not where he was.  More and more I'm looking at this as primary.  Some ask (a friend and I visited about this over coffee this morning) "what's God's will for my life?" I think now my response is simply this-  It's not a path or a plan, but a life lived by the Spirit of God regardless of where I am.  It's Christ in me, the hope of glory.  It's God loving others through me even when they mistreat me. It's trusting him even when I have no idea where we are going.  It's resting in him even when the storms are raging.  God's path is not a "somewhere" but a "someone."  His goal and plan for me is that moment by moment, day by day I become more like Christ.  That's God's plan!  And it's not about where you live or what you do or what car you buy, but it's about Christ....moment by moment, in every situation, you becoming more and more like HIM.  That is the path.  It's never a where. It's always a who. Christ.

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