Saturday, July 16, 2016

The goal of my life

"The goal of my life is not to get to the end of it and compare my pile of ashes to your pile of ashes."  -Dr. Henry Brandt

There is so much more to this life than 70 or 80 years!  

In these few years we have each of us is making an investment in eternity, making a downpayment on the events that go beyond our lives.

Soon, far too soon each of us will come to the end

 But for many who are living beyond their lives into eternity their end is simply a glorious beginning.

How sad some believe that this life is all there is.  

When you die, you're dead.  

But how do they know that?  How are they so sure?

Did they explore eternity past and future, every dimension of space and time to discover that this is all there is?  Of course not!

Their dogmatic statements are made entirely in ignorance.  

They can't know this is all there is

And what if death isn't the end?

Their goals are not set high enough, far enough, broad enough.

If you are only living for a few years here to get all you can you're missing the best part!  Your goals are too small!  You are living a tiny life.  How sad.

Is death the end?  Oh no, it's only the beginning!

Soon you will see
Soon you will know
Are you ready?

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