Friday, July 29, 2016


"Why, you do not even know what will happen tomorrow. 

What is your life? 

You are a mist that appears for a little while 

and then vanishes." 


As I read the news I'm bombarded by the claims that we are affecting the climate and must do something to fix it.  As if man can actually do anything!  I find myself amused at our self-importance, the idea that we caused this mess and it's our job to clean it up.

I think we see ourselves much bigger than we are.  In the Old Testament God declared that the nations are not enough to weigh in the scales, that the biggest forest are not enough for a good fire, that man in all his pomp is nothing.

Like the morning mist on a cool day which melts with the rise of the sun we too quickly pass and are forgotten.  So why do we worry about the things we cannot change and ignore the things we can change?

Why do we cry "the sky is falling" while we ignore the things we can change?

Why all the fuss about climate change as we let hungry children die?

Why wring our hands about ice melting as we kill each other in the streets?

What is wrong with us?  Have we gone insane?

Yes we have!

When we decided, as a race and culture, we no longer needed God we suddenly took responsibility for things we can't change while neglecting the things we should change.

Without God in the picture we have lost our way, lost our identity, and made much of nothing while making little of things that matter most.

Impact?  What's our impact on all of this?  Like the morning mist...none at all.

As I watch the media proclaim our destruction of the planet I see near me people who need love, food and God.  While they worry about the things they can't change I think I will focus on the things I can change.

At the center of this is a very simple guide-

Love God and love people.

All the rest is God's job.

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