Wednesday, July 13, 2016

The fantasy of autonomy

I'm fascinated by a culture that thinks we are accountable to no one...that we can do as we please, live as we like, indulge any passion we have and then are angry at God for holding us accountable.

I think, in part, that's the heart of many atheists.  One leading atheist of the last generation said, "I refuse to believe in a god I have to be accountable to."  His honesty is to be applauded.  His reason for atheism is his unwillingness to answer to God in the end, but we all will.  We all must.  There is a day when justice will be done and the records made right.

But back to my topic.  Somehow man has deceived himself into thinking he is autonomous, that he needs or reports to no one, answers to no one, and many ways....his own cute little god.

The truth is that none of us really are all alone and accountable to no one.  We all live with the knowledge that there is a God and he's in charge, that one day I will have to deal with him....and for many, understandably, that makes them furious.  How dare a god of any kind hold me accountable for my actions.  I'm my own man.  I can do as I please as long as I hurt no one else.  

A lengthy article can be written about all of this, but God sums it up very well, very simply by saying....the one who thinks he's autonomous is a fool.  End of sentence.  

Now, what do we do with this God who won't go away?

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Robyn Rochelle E. said...

Love Him. Don't really understand those who don't. But praying for them to be open, living my own walk beside them, and sharing the life God has laid out before me. Asking myself: what will change me to be more like You? Please allow me God to help others do the same. May God find my life done well when it is done.