Wednesday, July 02, 2014

An orchestrated life by a grand composer

Mordecai’s Loyalty to the King

Esther 2:21 "One day as Mordecai was on duty at the king’s gate, two of the king’s eunuchs, Bigthan and Teresh—who were guards at the door of the king’s private quarters—became angry at King Xerxes and plotted to assassinate him. 22 But Mordecai heard about the plot and gave the information to Queen Esther. She then told the king about it and gave Mordecai credit for the report.23 When an investigation was made and Mordecai’s story was found to be true, the two men were impaled on a sharpened pole. This was all recorded in The Book of the History of King Xerxes’ Reign."
As I read these words in the book of Esther they captivated my thoughts.  Because I know the rest of the story I know these events are important later in the story, but in the moment they seem to be unnecessary details.  Why do we need to know about a conspiracy by men named Bigthan (what a name!) and Teresh?  It's important because it's part of the bigger plan of God.  
Daily we encounter little events that seem to be insignificant, unimportant, but are divine encounters in a plan we live in real time.   We can't know  how they fit into the bigger story of God, but they do.  Often we miss them, overlook them and only see God's hand after the events have unfolded.
What captured my imagination this morning was the reality that even in the events of my day God is orchestrating every encounter to be part of magnificent plan and work....but I will only see how it all fits together at the end of the story.
Take time in each day to realize that each encounter, each person is part of the orchestrated plan of a loving God in your life.  Write down the names.  Remember the events.  Don't pass by the encounters of your day too quickly because in those moments is God.  

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