Wednesday, July 09, 2014

It's all about ME!

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As the population of the world grows our personal need to be "seen" and acknowledged seems to grow.  The web site youtube demonstrates that our need to be seen by someone only intensifies as we feel more and more unseen.

I wonder, just thinking, if some of the crazy things we are seeing around us are cries from the crowds of humanity to be known, to have someone who sees us.  In our despair of anonymity there is a natural response to act out to be noticed.  It shows up around me with purple hair, pierced everything, whatever it takes to be noticed.

Years ago my son came out of the bathroom with orange hair.  It wasn't orange when he went in.   I asked him, "What are you doing!" He said, "I'm going to the mall so people can see me."  For him, at that time, it was entertainment.  When he got home he washed it out and told me he had a great time.

As more of humanity surrounds us we each feel the heart cry and question, "Does anyone see me?"  And the answer is "YES!"  It's the answer of the bible as you watch God in flesh, Jesus Christ, notice the invisible, reach out to the ones no one notices and says to them, "I see you, I care about you. Let's get some lunch."  It was the story of a "wee little man" in Luke who was hated by his neighbors, but noticed and loved by God.  When you read the bible watch for how often Jesus stops, engages and spends time with the invisible ones around him.  Lives that would have passed and never been noticed are remembered by us because Jesus saw them.

And he sees you too.  The whole message of the Gospel is that God loves me and will give his very best to have a personal relationship with me.  He sees me.  He sees you too.  You don't need orange hair, you don't need to accomplish something great; you are known, you are loved, and you are seen by the God who made you. 

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