Monday, July 14, 2014

It's a bend, not the end....

We humans do not like the unknown! We want straight roads and sunny skies.  Anytime there is a bend in the road that changes our direction we struggle and complain.  There is no way to know what is around the corner and the unknown is what we are afraid of.  

I might have a wreck, lose my job, have to move...I might get sick, lose a family member....any bend tells us of a change, a course correction, the promise of the unknown and often, if we are honest, the bend makes us anticipate the end.  Since we can't see what's ahead we expect the worse.

But some of the best scenery, the best drives are on winding, bendy roads.  The excitement of what's next can be more thrilling than the fear of what's ahead.  A bend is a new opportunity to trust God for the unseen, the unknown ahead.

And, honestly, for the Christian there is never really an end....just a gentle bend into eternity...a new course that will never end.  As our lives come to  bends in the road...sickness, financial problems, fears, losses....realize it's just a bend.  Although you can't see the road ahead there is one.  It's a road designed for you by God and there is no end....just a simple bend that will find you in eternity.  What a ride!

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