Thursday, March 05, 2009

New realities

Life has changed dramatically in the last year. Many have had everything they trusted in turned upside down. Others have lost their savings and must go back to work. Others have lost their jobs and their hope is to simply find another one. It's as if all we have trusted in has been taken away. Now what do we do? Who do we trust? How will we survive?
It's exactly the situation the nation of Israel found themselves in while living in Egypt. God had to literally pry their hands and hearts off of all they trusted in so they would trust in HIM. Could it be that he's doing that now? Could it be that he is using this time to ask, "Will you trust me now? Will you trust me now?" But I watch as so many scramble to reestablish confidence in a job....savings....themselves and are not yet ready to ask for God's help. In our days of new realities I hope more and more of those whose lives have been changed will make a change that includes a dependence on God to lead, provide and care for them. He's the only one who won't change in the middle of all of our new realities.

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Anonymous said...

Bingo! Thats exactly what this crisis is doing, its exposing our self reliance and our love of money. As painful as it is, it was long overdue. If we wont put God first, he will eventually do it for us.

We all need to be thankful that God cares enough about us to save us, and thats what he is doing, saving us from ourselves.

We will be better, stronger, and more deeply connected to him when this is over.