Monday, February 02, 2009

A new way to say "THANK YOU"

A couple of the guys in our church have been working for a number of months on a new web idea, and it launches today. It's called Merit Builder. It's a great idea! They have come up with a great new way to say thank you to someone who has done something good in your life and it gives that person a place to accumulate all the "THANK YOU" words in one place. I think this will become the next cool place to be. When you look for a job in the future you will give the prospective employer your resume and your Merit builder page so they can see what others have said about you. I'm excited about this project, and invite you to take a look. My friend, Vince, who has built this new idea is excited to see what God will do with this new site. I hope it's wildly successful.

The Interview from MeritBuilder Team on Vimeo.


Kris Sorensen said...

This is a great concept. Within the church, I am continually encouraging our staff to send thank you notes to volunteers and others that reflect the service and behavior that we want to see repeated. This may give us a way to do it quickly and routinely.

I will be giving MeritBuilder a test drive. Thanks for the link.

thompanilla said...

Thanks for the promotion, Mike - we're a bit behind on rolling all of the code out...but we are hard at work to make that happen ASAP!

- Johnny (one of the nerds behind the scenes)

Mike Messerli said...

Johnny, great! you better get er done...there's a bunch of people out here ready to say thank you to someone!