Sunday, February 01, 2009

The end is near

Al Gore has become the new man on the corner with the "END OF THE WORLD" sign. It's quite interesting that a former politician with no biblical or scientific knowledge about any of this is now the prophet of doom getting an audience in Washington and in the media. Personally, I'm a little humored by it all. It's clear from the word of God that he has a plan for this world and the goal is that men from every nation would come to faith. God's plan is to save man, not the planet....Al and company are crusading for the wrong thing. Their cry is "SAVE THE PLANET!" as if we had that in our power or ability to accomplish. But God's cry is "SAVE YOURSELF! Trust Christ as your savior." The planet is temporary, man is eternal. Let's focus on the right things....let's save the eternal things and take good care of the temporary things. Don't let the new prophet of gloom get you focused on the wrong things. Like our friend, Al, I too believe the end is near, but my goal until that day is the salvation of men and women around me. People are what them, pray for them, tell them about eternity and save the important things....people.

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