Tuesday, October 11, 2016

All in!

Are you "all in?"  It's a term I've heard recently in church circles around me.  As I visited with a friend about it this morning we both had to laugh.  It is an interesting concept, but I have to admit I have never been "all in."  

Frankly, it's not for lack of desire, but the truth is I can never be all in.  From one moment to another, at my best, I might be 30% "all in."  The desire is there for sure, but the ability is not.  If you were to ask me if I'm "all in" I would have to reply, "What moment are we talking about?"  

This term, "all in", paints a picture of something I do that I have never ever been able to do.  That's why I needed a savior!  

It's an invitation to frustration.

Neither Jesus nor the authors of scripture to follow him invited us to be "all in."  Instead, the invitation is simple, "walk in the spirit and you will not do the deeds of the flesh."  It's a step by step relationship, a moment by moment commitment.  A growing in grace and maturity.

All in?  No, never, but it's not for lack of desire.  

But when you raise the bar for me to an impossible height I soon weary of trying to jump it and simply walk away.  If this is what the Christian life is about it's simply too hard.

But it's not!  Grace says come as you are and walk with me.  I will carry you as you grow until you can take a step or two.  It's grace, all grace, and for that God never requires I be "all in" because he did that for me.

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