Friday, October 14, 2016

Life is short!

This morning I'm doing a funeral for an old friend.  Over the years I've spoken at hundreds of funerals and each time I'm keenly aware of how short life really is.  Life is a moment in time, a tick on the clock of eternity and then it's over.  It happens in moments, not years.

The authors of scripture repeat this theme often and in different ways,

Life is just a vapor that is gone as the sun rises.

It's still dusk this morning.  The sun will rise soon and I'll get ready for a funeral.  In the hours ahead we will talk about a life, cry, remember, hug and then walk away.  We all know death is coming, but we do all we can to not think about it, to not dwell on it.  We imagine death is many years away.

But it comes so quickly! Life is short!  In just a moment you and I will be gone.  How will we spend these moments?  How will we live and touch the lives of others?  How will we be remembered?  What will be the impact our lives have on the eternity of another person?

In this moment of eternity called "life" how  shall we live?  Many great men have spoken on this topic.  But the bottom line is this-

You live is a moment of time with eternal results.  How are you living?  Are you living for God and eternity or are you living for you and the things of the world?  It's one or the other.  You won't choose both, you can't choose both.  Jesus said, "make your choice, it's one or the other....

how will you invest your moment of eternity?  

Because, in just a moment, you will be gone.

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