Monday, October 24, 2016

Early morning thoughts

It's Monday morning again!  I'm always up early, but this morning I had some time to read, think and reflect.  I'm watching the sun rise out the window amid the clouds.  What a beautiful morning.

I'm also watching the morning begin as neighbors leave for work, coffee in hand, to begin a new week.  Once more we begin the cycle of a new week and the crazy lives of a busy city. In the madness of all we are busy doing it's easy to forget why we are doing it.

Our lives spin up to a crazy pace and we never take a moment to ask, "What am I living for?  Why am I here?"  It seems, as I look around, the enemy has weaved a wonderful tapestry of busyness to keep us from thinking about why we live in the first place.  

This is not about the meaning of life, I'm just aware of the chaos that has created the lives we live.  In this chaos we have a moment to think, a second of quiet,  a time to ask.....why?

It's rare to find a place or a moment to think and when we do have that moment our culture reaches for the phone to occupy themselves with something that doesn't matter.

Lord,  help me find moments, quiet,  time to be still and listen, time to hear you.  In the midst of a world gone mad you are still speaking for anyone who would be bold enough to step away from the noise and simply be still.

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