Wednesday, November 26, 2014


.....Life!  I'm thankful I get to be part of God's wonderful creation!  It is so great to have family!  I'm thankful for a wonderful family.!  I am so grateful to know and experience love.  The love of a wonderful wife.  The love of God for me even when I'm less than I should be.  The love I can give to others.  It's the very heart and passion of

.....purpose.  That  sounds strange, doesn't it?  But I'm thankful I am here for a reason, I have a purpose.  I'm not just an animal without a purpose....I'm made by God to be part of his great plan for time and eternity!

......friends.  Oh how wonderful that is!  I celebrate the wonderful and amazing friends I know, love and care for.  How sweet it is to have people who I can call friends.

.....hunger.  I'm thankful for hunger of body and soul.  The pangs of the stomach, the longing to know are hungers that make life exciting.  I'm thankful that something as simple as hunger is a wonderful blessing of God.

.....and on the list goes.  There is so much.  As I begin to think about all I have been given I have to humbly say to God, "Thank you.  You are most kind to bless me so richly.  I deserve none of it! Thank you."

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